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PEX: Programmable Exchange

Monetize your wallet transactions today.
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PEX is a EVM-powered sequencer built for trading. It is designed to be fully EVM compatible, allowing developers to build and deploy smart contracts on the exchange. PEX can currently process transactions at 1 Ggas/s, making it the fastest EVM sequencer to exist. Our goal is to build the fastest and cheapest EVM sequencer in the world.

Why build PEX

PEX is designed for exchanges, market makers, and traders who need a high-performance EVM sequencer. It is built to handle "high-frequency" trading, arbitrage, and other complex trading strategies. PEX is fully programmable, allowing developers to build custom trading bots, smart contracts, and other trading tools. It is built to become the basis of a new modern fast and secure financial system.

PEX comes with a built-in token factory, ensuring that all tokens on the exchange are secure and audited.

There is a clear need for fast and cheap trading in the DeFi space, however, the current EVM sequencers are far from performant enough to handle the demand. This is why we built PEX, to provide a high-performance EVM sequencer that can handle the demands of the next billion DeFi users.

Why build on PEX

If you're building some kind of exchange (futures, perp, spots), PEX is for you. PEX is built from the ground up in Rust and will be the fastest ever EVM sequencer. Building on PEX means getting extremely fast transactions times (less than 10ms) and the cheapest gas fees.

A few more reasons to build on PEX:

  • PEX comes with a best-in-class bridge for all majors and stablecoins on all major chains (Solana, Base, Ethereum, BNB etc.).
  • PEX comes with a free, unlimited RPC.
  • PEX provides auditing and security services for all projects built on PEX.

When is PEX launching

We are currently in the final stages of testing and will be launching PEX mainnet over the summer. We are looking for early partners to help us test the system and provide feedback. If you are interested in being an early partner, please reach out to us. If you are building an exchange or EVM app that requires high performance, reach out to us to learn more about PEX.

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